Speech Pathology Tasmania

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Welcome! Speech Pathology Tasmania is a private speech pathology practice offering a full range of speech pathology services for children, adolescents and adults.

We are currently doing some updates on our website. If you find the odd link which is not in perfect working order, may we offer our apologies ahead of time. It's temporary. And thanks so much for your patience.

Our clinics are located in Hobart City, Huonville and on the North-West coast with outreach services to Launceston. Home visits, school visits and childcare centre visits can also be arranged.

Speech Pathology Tasmania works closely with family, medical specialists, GPs, other allied health professionals, teachers and all support persons to provide a holistic approach to client care.

Who works with us?

Learn more about our Therapists and Admin staff.

Upcoming Events

Come along to one of our events - these are always expansive, professional and supportive of valuable new learning and insights.

Our next events, in partnership with Kapacity.org, are three deliveries in February and March of Perfect Pitch - an intensive professional development for women, to transform effective comunication when speaking to groups, to break down anxiety, build confidence, and enhance poise.

Financial Assistance

Do you require assistance to access private speech pathology services? Have a look at some of the assistance packages which you may be eligible for...