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We currently have nine Speech Pathologists on our team at Speech Pathology Tasmania. We have a mix of full- and part-time therapists, but across the board we have several Speech Pathologists on duty each day Monday - Friday.

Rosalie 'Rosie' Martin

Rosie has worked as a clinical Speech Pathologist for more than 30 years, the past 18 of which have been in private practice. This fabulous time in the craft has brought about the gradual accrual of experience in all areas of paediatric and adult speech pathology practice. This has only been possible because families, individuals, parents and children have given their trust in the first instance. The work has all been privilege. In every way. Rosie has loved her own family life and raising her two sons. It has been the delight of these things which has fuelled her passion for the profession of speech pathology and its unique perspective to understand and support communication and human interaction at all levels of ability. Rosie continues to find this work and the research surrounding it, endlessly fascinating.

Rosie is currently most active in supporting children and adults with literacy acquistion challenges, as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder - at all 'severity' levels - including provision of support for their families.

Rosie has lived in Tasmania for more years than she has lived elsewhere and loves Tassie! (Though she aches afresh for South Australia when the Tassie weather is hot for more than two days in a row). She is warm, kind and fun, and finds beauty in human care and interaction.

Courtney Dunbabin

Courtney is a Tasmanian born-and-bred Speech Pathologist who graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne in 2007. Since graduating, she has worked for the Education Department in Tasmania and in the UK in Early Years and School settings. As much as she loved to travel, Courtney was drawn back to the lifestyle and scenery of Tassie, which she is now happy to call home again! She is passionate about working with children and their families and is enthusiastic about keeping up to date with the latest clinical research and professional development.

Courtney is a generalist Speech Pathologist who has also undertaken special training to develop skills for working with children and adolescents with autism and literacy acquisition challlenges. She is bright and great fun, and quickly develops rapport and connection with children and families.

Linda McKillop

Linda has worked as a Speech Pathologist in community, school-based and private practice environments for 30 years. She has worked in a number of states around Australia including WA, ACT, NSW; and now for many years in Tasmania. Throughout her career Linda has been most interested and active in supporting children with literacy acquistion challenges. She holds fascination for the language and speech processing difficulties which underpin problems in learning to read, spell, comprehend, and express oneself in writing.

Linda is passionate about working collaboratively with families and schools using best practices in assessment and intervention.  She has skills and experience in working to gain optimum results for children and adolescents in their academic learning and social communication. Linda is particularly interested in identifying those early risk factors in young children which may negatively impact upon their later school performance.

Linda also has particular training in the impact which low working memory capacity has on attention and learning - for children, adolescents and adults. Her training as a Cogmed Coach has opened exciting capacity for her to offer the evidence-based Cogmed Working Memory Training as an adjunct to speech pathology intervention so that she can further support families. Cogmed provides a primer for improved learning and increased response to intervention for clients whose learning is affected by low working memory.

Linda is gentle and kind, with well-honed ability to support vulnerable learners with the knowledge and pathways which give them hope and clear direction in their learning challenges.

Lisa Johnson

Lisa graduated from La Trobe University in 1994 and has worked as a Speech Pathologist in Tasmania and overseas. She has worked in a variety of settings with a paediatric caseload including schools, community health centres and private practice. Lisa particularly enjoys working with preschoolers and their families – there is nothing as rewarding as sharing in the excitement with families as their children learn to talk and communicate. She also has particular experience and training in working with children with Austism Spectrum Disorders at all levels of severity.

Lisa is fun and warm, connects beautifully with children and families, and brightens everyone's days with her quirky, quick humour.

Natalie Leader

Natalie loves to meet families and is always inspired by the efforts that parents will go to so that they can fully connect with their child. Developing communication skills starts from the heart as much as from the head. Natalie is fascinated by the pathways children find to express themselves, whether it be an emotional connection with their family members, or something as simple as learning to tell or write a story.

Natalie is particularly skilled in supporting parenting and communication on an emotional level, and works primarily with children with autism and/or literacy challenges. She is focused and warm, with particular, gentle ability to win children's trust and quickly elicit their communication.

Felicity Laurence

My mother's mantra to my younger self: "He does it because you react. If you didn't scream he wouldn't do it". But my scream so aptly communicated my frustration at being a younger sibling to two older brothers! I was fortunate and could have better articulated my frustration, and still I preferred to scream. How difficult for those kids who can't speak clearly? No surprise that they withdraw, play-up and tantrum when they cannot communicate their needs, thoughts and wants. Throughout life, people, issues and problems engage us or 'push our buttons' and we need to be competent communicators to explore, defend ourselves and share. Speech issues and their treatment fascinate me. Speech is a complex process involving so many body systems all interacting and influenced by individual differences. To jump in and piece the puzzle together, plan and implement therapy and document the change we are seeing, slowly but surely, is very rewarding. Watching children seek the tools to unlock their speech, grow in confidence and to hear reports of grandparents finally able to talk to their grandchild on the telephone is immensely rewarding.

I graduated with BSc (Hons) from Curtin university in WA in 1994. For years I worked in acute hospitals in WA and SA with adults after stroke and head injury focusing on speech and swallowing. Later, I taught speech pathology students about speech sound disorders at Flinders University. I moved to Tasmania in 2005 with my family and we are very settled in this amazing state. I am extremely fortunate to work in a dynamic and supportive team at Speech Pathology Tasmania.

Felicity is kind, fun, focused, and much more highly accomplished in the knowledge and skills required to work with speech sound disorders than she has owned up to in her words above :-).

Catherine Wood   (North-West Coast)

Originally from Hobart, Catherine studied in Brisbane, graduating in 2012. After spending time on the North West Coast she knew she would have to come back to settle into that little piece of Tassie paradise. She considers herself extremely lucky to have stepped into such an idyllic lifestyle, and is enjoying the opportunity to draw on the knowledge and support of the entire Speech Pathology Tasmania team.

Catherine is predominately working with preschool and school-aged children. She loves watching children acquire new skills, and the self-confidence which comes when they realise that they have achieved the goal they were pursuing, all by themselves (with just a little bit of support)! Catherine has skills as a generalist speech pathologist, but holds particular interests and training in support of autism, social communication challenges and language and literacy development.

Catherine is fun and wonderfully quirky, with remarkably developed ability to integrate theory and its practical application in all areas of her practice.

Mariam Seeney

Mariam brings many diverse skills and experiences to her work as a Speech Pathologist. In 2000, Mariam obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics/Applied Linguistics). She then spent several years pursuing her creative interests as a performer and artist, before being drawn back to her passion for speech and language; first with a career teaching English as a foreign language, both in Australia and abroad, and finally moving into the field of speech pathology.

Mariam completed her Masters in Speech Pathology at the University of Queensland in 2008. She has since been working in developmental speech and language, largely supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families, using play-based and relationship-based interventions. She also has strong interests in voice therapy and accent modification, for which she also draws on her skills as a language teacher and singer. Mariam is also a mother of two, a gardener, and occasional performer.

Mariam is warm, quick to laugh and share fun, with tangible passion about the professional execution of all areas of clinical practice.

Sarah Kay

Sarah is currently on extended maternity leave - so she is applying her knowledge about language stimulation close to home. Occasionally she can be tempted back to bring her skills into the implementation of circumscribed progams such as the Circle of Security Parenting Program which she has supported at Tasmania's Mary Hutchinson Women's Prison through our partner Chatter Matters Tasmania.

Sarah graduated from the University of Queensland in 1998 and worked in metropolitan and rural school based settings in Queensland until 2002. She then relocated to Tasmania, and has since worked as a Speech Pathologist in both school-based and private practice settings. Sarah is fascinated by early language development and by the incredible role that families play in the everyday advancement of a child’s language. She enjoys working with children of all ages, and is enthusiastic about working alongside families to achieve the best speech and language outcomes. Sarah has fallen in love with Tassie - the lifestyle, the summer twilight and cinnamon apple cider.

Sarah is gentle, warm and very kindly supportive - just like landing on something soft :-).

At reception...

We have 2 Administration Officers working at Speech Pathology Tasmania, who you may come across at the reception counter, or on the other end of the phone.

Donna Graus

Donna Graus had worked in administration and reception for various businesses when she started working for Speech Pathology Tasmania in 2002. At the opening of Speech Pathology Tasmania at its current location in 2004, Donna was the main receptionist for 5 years before taking on more of an administrative role. 

Alison Vince

Alison joined Speech Pathology Tasmania in October 2009 after having had many years experience as a receptionist in offices both small and large around Hobart.

Alison brings with her the ability to multi-task and manage a variety of enquiries. She offers a warm and welcoming face to our families from behind the reception counter.  

Both Alison and Donna are beautifully integrated into the communication-supporting joy of the Speech Pathology Tasmania offices - they know that their job-descriptions include all sorts of unexpected interaction experiences with children. They love it. It makes their days.