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Rosalie Martin


Andrea Burt

Andrea was born and raised in Hobart, leaving to attend university in Sydney. Since graduating 30 years ago she has worked as a paediatric speech pathologist in New South Wales and Queensland, in both community health settings and private practice.

Andrea is very happy to be back in Tasmania with her family, working within Speech Pathology Tasmania’s large, supportive team of clinicians with a diverse range of skills.

Andrea enjoys working with children with communication difficulties and their families & has particular interest and expertise with preschoolers.

Linda McKillop


Natalie Leader

I love meeting families and am always inspired by the efforts that parents will go to so that they can fully connect with their child.  Developing communication skills starts from the heart as much as from the head. I am fascinated by the pathways children find to express themselves, whether it be an emotional connection with their family members or something as simple as learning to tell or write a story.

My special areas of interest are in supporting parenting and communication on an emotional level; and supporting the development of children with autism and/or literacy challenges.

Felicity Laurence

My mother’s mantra to my younger self: “He does it because you react! If you didn’t scream he wouldn’t do it!”.  But my scream so aptly communicated my frustration at being a younger sibling to two older brothers! I was fortunate and could have better articulated my frustration and still I preferred to scream!  How difficult for those kids who can’t speak clearly!  No surprise that they withdraw, play up and tantrum when they cannot communicate their needs, thoughts and wants!  Throughout life, people, issues and problems engage us or ‘push our buttons’ and we need to be competent communicators to explore, defend ourselves and share.  Speech issues and their treatment fascinate me.  Speech is a complex process involving so many body systems all interacting and influenced by individual differences. To jump in and piece the puzzle together, plan and implement therapy and document the change we are seeing, slowly but surely, is very rewarding.  Watching children seek the tools to unlocking their speech, grow in confidence and hear reports of grandparents finally able to talk to their grandchild on the telephone is immensely rewarding.

I graduated with BSc (Hons) from Curtin University in WA in 1994. For years I worked in acute hospitals in WA and SA with adults after stroke and head injury focusing on speech and swallowing. Later, I taught speech pathology students about speech sound disorders at Flinders University. I moved to Tasmania in 2005 with my family and we are very settled in this amazing state. I am extremely fortunate to work in a dynamic and supportive team at Speech Pathology Tasmania.

Lisa Johnson


Mariam Seeney

It has been wonderful to bring a diverse background of skills and experiences to my work as a speech pathologist. In 2000, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics/Applied Linguistics), and then spent several years pursuing creative interests as a performer and artist before being drawn back to my passion for speech and language. At first this was in a career teaching English as a Foreign Language, both in Australia and abroad; and then moving into the field of speech pathology. I completed Masters in Speech Pathology at the University of Qld in 2008. Since been I have worked in developmental speech and language supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families using play-based and relationship-based interventions. My strong interests are in voice therapy and accent modification, for which I have undertaken Estill voice training, as well as drawing on my skills as a singer and language teacher. I am also a mother of two, a gardener and occasional performer.

Caroline Ross


Allison Mok


Catherine Wood


Your Support Team

Alison Vince

Alison is your warm, wonderful and organised receptionist and office manager at SPT. She has stickers and surprises in the top drawer for the little ones, and ready smiles and conversation for everyone. It is likely that Alison will be the voice on the phone when you call and the first person you’ll meet when you come in.

Donna Graus

Donna is your kind and aware part-time receptionist at SPT. Depending on which day you come in, you might not get to meet her. We are proud of her spending her other days at uni studying to become a nurse. Something she’s always wanted to do. It sure is good to follow one’s dreams.

Leeanne Garvin

Leeanne is the wonderful, newest member of the reception team. She is also a part-timer and if you call in the middle of the day it is likely to be her voice that you will hear. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be greeted with an abundance of smiles and a generous spirit.

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