Speech pathology is a profession that is 97% female dominated.

Yes, you read that correctly!… you didn’t think there were any professions like that left, right?

So women’s cancer matters to us. It’s a dark shadow of possibility over the lives of the mums of our clients and colleagues alike.

We are proud of our wonderful practice manager, Ali Vince (pictured), who several years ago asked herself ‘how can I help?’… and then took the lead and went and did!

Ali hosted another of her locally famous Girls’ Night Ins at her home on Friday night to raise money for Cancer Council’s women’s cancer research. Playing, sipping, raffling, laughing, talking, talking, talking and connecting over food and fun, her 25 guests raised almost $2000 – just like that.

Connection and generosity. They made our world go ’round on Friday night. They keep it turning.

BIG thanks to you, Ali!


PS: It is still possible to make donations here.