Here’s a few of our great gang after finishing a Lifeline ‘Accidental Counsellor’ training together. Allan, in the blue on the right, was in the ‘gang’ for the day as our fabulous facilitator. But he’s well and truly in our gang for life as someone who reverberates with the same values about LIFE lived safely, and about wellbeing and connection. 

The Tasmanian Government is currently offering Lifeline courses to small business workplaces for FREE through an initiative called Minding Your Business. It’s a great program aimed at helping us all counter the mental health pressures that have landed on us all in a way that is just a bit BIGGER than usual in this peri-pandemic time. The program is about empowering our community with the skills and empathy to look after each other and ourselves.

If you haven’t yet considered Minding Your Business for YOUR work place, we highly recommend it. It was well worth our time as a team.

Actually, for those who know us well, you’ll notice that half the team is missing from this photo. The others all gathered on cushions and a zoom screen in our gym a week ago to undertake the training with Allan. (And if you know us well you’ll be able to picture exactly what that reclining, chortling, crowd looked like!)

So we’re delighted now to be a practice with awareness, by intention, of the support we can give as accidental counsellors. 

Turns out… it’s all about listening! That golden gift of one human to another.

Here’s a perfectly fitting poem about it:

Finding What You Didn’t Lose

When someone deeply listens to you

 it is like holding out a dented cup

 you’ve had since childhood

and watching it fil up with

cold,  fresh water. 

When it balances on top of the brim, 

you are understood. 

When it overflows and touches your skin,

you are loved

When someone deeply listens to you,

 the room where you stay

starts a new life

and the place where you wrote

your first poem

begins to glow in your mind’s eye. 

It is as if gold has been discovered! 

When someone deeply listens to you, 

your bare feet are on the earth

and a beloved land that seemed distant

is now at home within you. 

~ John Fox ~

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