Updated Covid19 Response

To Our Clients & Friends

Due to restrictions in place around Coronavirus, us speechies needed to adapt and innovate so our clients could continue their sessions and all the growth that accompanies them. We did adapt, and we used telepractice, on the whole, VERY successfully. We fully recognise that it wasn’t just the speechies who had to adapt, though. The families and individuals to whom we provide service and our reception team needed to pivot, breathe, move with, guide, and trust us during uncertain, more-than-usual changing times. We thank them for that. We thank you for that.


At the start, we didn’t know how things would look. And we said that. We said:

“I don’t know”

“I’m not sure”

We said:

“We’re going to try this because what we do know is that we, and you (our clients) ought to continue our therapy journey together, however we can.”


One of the most courageous things we can do is say “I don’t know”, or “I haven’t got an answer to that”.

We did that.

 At the start of this pandemic, we said “we don’t know”.

And do you know what people said to us? Can you guess?

They said, “thank you”.

They said, “we think it’s going to be scary, too”.

They said, “we are prepared to try this as well”.

They said, “we don’t want to give up on the work either, so let’s try”.

So we did try, together. And it worked. And as we now begin to go back into our offices, we will learn from the opportunity. We found out things we might never have tried. And we are a better practice for it.


So here’s what’s happening as we step closer to fully re-opening the clinic. SPT has a plan to keep our team members and clients safe and limit the spread of Covid19.

We are re-opening in stages, with a gradual return. Some clients and some therapists are now having some sessions in the clinic again. These are being arranged using a broad needs-based assessment of the many variables relevant to individual clients, individual therapists and the many relational needs.

There are some things we’ll be doing a bit differently so we can keep everyone safe. Some of the changes that are important to know about include:

  • How we enter and exit the clinic
  • Who can come to appointments
  • What we’re doing before, during and after sessions to follow new rules about distancing and hygiene

Appointments that happen at school or home might be a bit different too.

You can read our full Covid Safety Plan here.

We’ll continue to update this plan as we move forward and learn, and as further relevant communications from Government come to hand.

We will also contact our clients and families to discuss the next steps, but, as always, you can reach out to us through our reception on (03) 6234 5717 or via our contact page https://spt.com.au/contact/