Updated Covid19 Response

To Our Clients & Friends

As schools open their doors widely and community restrictions begin to ease, many friends are asking when our clinic will reopen. Thank you.

We do not yet have an exact date. But… we are staying close to the changes as they unfold in communications from Government. And we are also staying close to the variables that are relevant to our clients and their families, and to our team.

We plan a staged return. Spaced out in time and physicality. We jumped early to a ‘distanced’ way of working… and we may jump a little late on the way back.

The time away from clinic has been weird and wonderful. We’ve gained a lot of new talents to carry forward with us.

We have begun to ask clients what they feel will work for them regarding their new situations – ongoing tele-practice, no more tele-practice, when they feel ready for face-to-face to resume and so on.

We’d love your thoughts. Let us know what you are learning and noticing. Let us know what you need.

Assessment & Therapy Services Continue…

Our great team of speech pathologists continue to offer services from their homes by working with their clients by tele-practice. This means that we are conducting remote consultations via telephone or video-link-up. A lot of our services can be delivered extremely well in this mode.

Our literacy educator is currently working from her home via tele-practice too.

We are planning a staged, safe return to our premises across the state. Check-in with us about how yours or your child’s communication needs can be supported as we do.

Contacting the Clinic – Business as Usual…

Our reception services are operating as ever. Reach out by phone – (03) 62345717; or email – speech@spt.com.au.


This is What we Have Asked our Team to Do

Hold steady as a tele-practice team! (They’ve all been fabulous!

Share your insights and your clients’ insights about what is needed: we will tailor the return to clinic in ways that are sensitive to individual need and compliant with Government policy and best-practice.  



Everyone in our team thanks you for your understanding, patience and support through the uncertainty.

Stay safe, friends. With patience and kindness we can rely on each other.


Rosie Martin

Director & Senior Clinician

Speech Pathology Tasmania