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Phonemic Awareness Through Song interactive groups

Phonemic awareness is the ability to discern and manipulate the sounds we use in our language. It is a fundamental skill that children need to develop their speech, language and literacy.

Give your child the opportunity to improve their phonemic awareness within this fun learning platform.  

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Two small online classes, for children and their caregivers. The classes will bring singing, dancing, and fun, as they  focus on developing phonemic awareness.

Phonemic awareness is the essential auditory processing skill that underpins language and literacy development. Every child benefits from explicit stimulation of this foundational skill.

Beck’s song and dance bring together the joyful media of music, movement and drama, combined with targeted communication therapy. All from the comfort of your own lounge room!


Hosted by vibrant speech pathologist Beck Oliver-Black, for two age groups. One group is for pre-schoolers an kindergartners. The other groups is for 7-9 year olds.


45minute sessions each week for 5 weeks.

To be notified of upcoming groups please complete the expressions of interest form.

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