Our Projects

Social justice projects that your speech pathologists are involved with:

kani rrala

“I really do not think that words can capture the magic that took place in every session after the initial first session. Everyday there was a slight change in the boys. They walked a bit taller, they smiled and were excited to start the sessions, and they were excited to be there. Whilst the sessions were intensive anyone walking past that did not know what was going on would find it hard to believe that they were working very hard and learning new ways to learn, and to feel pride and joy about their efforts. The sessions were packed with spontaneous laughter, fun, hard work – but it didn’t feel like that for them because it was fun.” Alison Stone

Sound Systems

“I’ve read about five books since I saw you last, the house looks like a bomb has hit it, I get the kids off to bed and then I just read – I don’t even turn the telly on anymore. I get so excited about getting on the library website to put books on hold. Just the other night, I had like, an ‘out of body experience’ – I was seeing myself sitting at my computer just smiling and smiling and so excited because I was putting books on hold! Who would have thought that I’d be someone who would ever put books on hold!”