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Rosalie Martin

Graduating waaay back in 1984, I knew I was heading into a working life in a valuable helping profession. But I could not have predicted then what I know now. That I have loved every minute of being a speech pathologist. That supporting communication is to support flourishing; and to support what it is to be human. That reciprocity is truly reciprocal; so the joy of a person making achievements in language and connection become joy for everyone in the interaction. It is work that nourishes all.

I had a few public jobs in my early career, then started working privately when my two sons began school. I wanted the flexibility to go to their sports carnivals and to do ‘mother’s help’. But I found that working privately served in other ways well beyond personal flexibility. I have learned broad horizons for what is possible in service delivery. And now I work amongst creative, imaginative, big-hearted people whose willingness to expand themselves and their practice in their clients’ best interests is… well… inspirational!

I love working with people of all ages with language, literacy and social communication challenges. I’ve learned how to teach people to express and connect and read.

These skills are expansive in people’s lives; they matter for justice in our world. Justice for the individual most certainly; but also for justice across all of society – for society is its people. There’s just us.

Linda McKillop

I first came to Tasmania in 1987, newly graduated from Curtin University in W.A.  I fell in love with this beautiful state, and my new profession – cementing my passion in working with school-aged children in collaboration with their parents and teachers through my first job working with the Department of Education.

Family took me back to the mainland before returning here in 2005. During these years I worked in community health, private practise and in student supervision.  Working with the kind, dynamic, diverse and committed team of colleagues at SPT since 2005 has been such a pleasure.

The complex inter-relationship of oral and written language has fascinated me since my earliest years as a speech pathologist. My love of reading, and that – in the words of Dr Seuss – “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” has lead me to further training, specialising in helping children with dyslexia and other language-based learning difficulties, using evidence-based instruction, including Orton-Gillingham multisensory principles (MSL: Multi-sensory Structured Language therapy). I am also an Accredited Member of the Australian Dyslexia Association and its Tasmania advisor.

What a privilege to be able to be able to provide a fun, engaging, secure environment for students to develop oral and written communication skills, and share in so many life-changing results with students of all ages.  A photo shared by parents of a child curled up with a book, who once struggled to read a single word, brings pure joy.

Felicity Laurence

My mother’s mantra to my younger self: “He does it because you react! If you didn’t scream he wouldn’t do it!”.  But my scream so aptly communicated my frustration at being a younger sibling to two older brothers! I was fortunate and could have better articulated my frustration and still I preferred to scream!  How difficult for those kids who can’t speak clearly!  No surprise that they withdraw, play up and tantrum when they cannot communicate their needs, thoughts and wants!  Throughout life, people, issues and problems engage us or ‘push our buttons’ and we need to be competent communicators to explore, defend ourselves and share.  Speech issues and their treatment fascinate me.  Speech is a complex process involving so many body systems all interacting and influenced by individual differences. To jump in and piece the puzzle together, plan and implement therapy and document the change we are seeing, slowly but surely, is very rewarding.  Watching children seek the tools to unlocking their speech, grow in confidence and hear reports of grandparents finally able to talk to their grandchild on the telephone is immensely rewarding.

I graduated with BSc (Hons) from Curtin University in WA in 1994. For years I worked in acute hospitals in WA and SA with adults after stroke and head injury focusing on speech and swallowing. Later, I taught speech pathology students about speech sound disorders at Flinders University. I moved to Tasmania in 2005 with my family and we are very settled in this amazing state. I am extremely fortunate to work in a dynamic and supportive team at Speech Pathology Tasmania.

Lisa Johnson

Graduating from La Trobe Uni in 1994 I returned to my home state of Tasmania and have worked in various setting with a paediatric caseload including Education, Community Health and Private Practice.

I love the diversity of working with children and their families in private practice and supporting the development of early speech and oral language skills and then written language skills. Some of my favourite work is the development of social communication skills in young children with autism and supporting them as they develop relationships with their family and peers. Working with such a complex skill as communication is often a challenge and nearly every day presents something different or new. I love this about my job!

Working with such a skilled bunch of therapists means that there is always someone to collaborate with and learn from and is a vital part of what makes SPT such a rewarding place to work.

Mariam Seeney

It has been wonderful to bring a diverse background of skills and experiences to my work as a speech pathologist. In 2000, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics/Applied Linguistics), and then spent several years pursuing creative interests as a performer and artist before being drawn back to my passion for speech and language. At first this was in a career teaching English as a Foreign Language, both in Australia and abroad; and then moving into the field of speech pathology. I completed Masters in Speech Pathology at the University of Qld in 2008. Since then I have worked in developmental speech and language supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families using play-based and relationship-based interventions. My strong interests are in voice therapy and accent modification, for which I have undertaken Estill voice training, as well as drawing on my skills as a singer and language teacher. I am also a mother of two, a gardener and occasional performer.

Catherine Wood

I was lucky enough to meet Rosie through a mutual friend when I was 14, otherwise I would never have known about the amazing and fulfilling profession that is Speech Pathology. Rosie kindly let me do some work experience with her as I finished high school and then off I went to the University of Queensland to be trained!

Upon graduating in 2012, Rosie offered me a job on the North West Coast of Tasmania. Now I work as a generalist speech pathologist in Burnie and Devonport, with fortnightly/monthly outreach clinics to Launceston, Smithton, and Queenstown. I work with children, adults, and families who have all types of communication support needs. Working for a supportive team such as SPT means that there’s always another speech pathologist to talk to or training to go to, so I never stop learning.

I love the variety that my work brings into my life, both in scenery and with the children, families, and schools that I work with. My most rewarding moments come from being a part of the team that is supporting a child to have success in all areas of life, and watching how relationships full of love and trust drive communication development.

Allison Mok

I am from Hobart and am delighted to be living and working at home again after graduating from speech pathology at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

Prior to speech pathology, I enjoyed careers in multi-day hiking tour guiding, child care and music before finding speech pathology to bring together my love of working with children and helping people to achieve challenging goals.

I work as a generalist speech pathologist and I have undertaken further training to develop skills for working with children and adults with literacy acquisition challenges.  I have completed the Multisensory Language training course and practicum with the Australian Dyslexic Association as part of my skill set in literacy; and work closely with our senior therapists.

I really enjoy meeting and working with children and their families in a supportive and fun environment, and am constantly learning and developing my skill set through courses, study and engaging with my wonderful colleagues in the SPT team.

Caroline Ross

I came to speech pathology in a rather roundabout way and now that I’ve arrived, I’m so happy to be here! After spending my twenties travelling and working in various capacities, I went back to university in Melbourne and trained as a Speech Pathologist, graduating in 2015. I jumped at the chance to return to Hobart after 10 years away and am planning on never leaving!

I love working with any child and their families but over the last 3 years I have built particular expertise in working with children and young adults with complex communication needs – helping them to navigate life using methods of communication other than their voices. This means using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to communicate; which can mean anything from low-tech methods, such as Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD), to high-tech such as using Proloquo2Go or Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) on an iPad.

I also have the pleasure of working with Autistic teenagers and young adults on their social communication skills.

I feel extremely privileged to be able to work at a practice that is so supportive and fun, and I love working with my clients to achieve their many and varied communication goals!

Claire Baker

I’m another local Tasmanian therapist who grew up in the foothills of Cradle Mountain. I lived and studied for four years at LaTrobe University in Bendigo, before returning to the North-West Coast to work for the local Education Department. After two and a half years I decided I was ready for a pace change, put my career on hold, and went to work as an English teacher in Japan.

During my two years in Japan I taught English classes for students from Grade 1-9 in a small, farming community. I also had the opportunity to develop an English phonics curriculum for the primary school English program in Nagasaki City and provide a number of professional development workshops in conjunction with Nagasaki University.

Upon returning to Tasmania in late 2018 I was fortunate enough to be welcomed into the Speech Pathology Tasmania team. I’m currently working as a generalist speech pathologist, with a keen interest in the areas of language and fluency. I love to play games (even though I always seem to lose) and can confidently say that I have the best collection of soft, fluffy toys in the clinic. When I’m not popping pirates and building beetles, I enjoy theatre, traveling and dabbling in a little freelance Japanese-English translating.

Your Support Team

Alison Vince

Alison is your warm, wonderful and organised receptionist and office manager at SPT. She has stickers and surprises in the top drawer for the little ones, and ready smiles and conversation for everyone. It is likely that Alison will be the voice on the phone when you call and the first person you’ll meet when you come in.

Donna Graus

Donna is your kind and aware part-time receptionist at SPT. Depending on which day you come in, you might not get to meet her. We are proud of her spending her other days at uni studying to become a nurse. Something she’s always wanted to do. It sure is good to follow one’s dreams.

Leeanne Garvin

Leeanne is the wonderful, newest member of the reception team. She is also a part-timer and if you call in the middle of the day it is likely to be her voice that you will hear. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be greeted with an abundance of smiles and a generous spirit.

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