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Introducing the SPT Interactive Channel

Gorgeously stimulating phonemic awareness, oral language and social connection through the fun of song and dance
with speech pathologist Rebecca ‘Beck’ Oliver-Black!

The first groups are wonderfully underway – focusing on phonemic awareness in 4 – 7 year olds!

Watch this space! More groups being announced soon!

More information HERE.

Many more of these beautiful groups will be running.
Stay tuned to keep up with our further notifications.

To experienced speech pathologists…

We are hiring in both southern & northern Tasmania

Full-time and flexible part-time working options are available.

We seek the colleagueship of an experienced speech pathologist (or two) – either part-time or full-time. The caseload is varied, though primarily paediatric; and mostly connected to young people with disabilities and their families. The position(s) we offer include the excellent mentorship and colleagueship of the extended team of speech pathologists in the south and north of Tasmania – and beyond.

Reach out to Rosie via the contact page on our website.

Our response to COVID19 & coronavirus

Hello friends,

Like so many of you, we are proud to do our part in the global response to COVID19. And like so many of you we are now thinking seriously about what ‘return’ means – and what steps it involves.

Please check-in here to see how we can still serve you and what our team are now doing.

This is a time for all of humanity to work together and help each other. Thank you for helping us respond as best we can. If you have suggestions for us, please reach out via our contact page.

The SPT team.

Your therapists

Your therapists at SPT are experienced, kind and fun. They are warmly connected to their clients and to each other. They are professional. They value the excellence of the speech pathology profession. All SPT therapists keep-up their professional education. All are regularly mentored. Each therapist has areas of particular professional skill. They share their knowledge. They assist each other’s clients. SPT has expertise in every area of speech therapy: speech, language, literacy, stuttering, voice, changing accents, communicating socially, and play.

How we can help

We can help by listening to your concerns for yourself or your child. This will give us information about the communication skills that will help you best.  We can match you with a therapist who has the skills to meet your needs. SPT has clinics in Hobart, Huonville, Launceston, Queenstown, and across the North-West coast including Smithton. We individually tailor therapy to suit you. This might mean going to where you are. It might mean crafting the best package to meet your budget. It always means giving you highly-skilled assessment and therapy advice.

Why we serve

The team at SPT is motivated by the worth of every human being. We understand that people are resilient. And we understand that they can also be fragile. Every person deserves attention and care. Especially when it comes to communication. Communication connects us to others. We use communication to share ideas and desires, dreams and memories. Connection and sharing are the essence of living. We want communication to be available to all people. And we know how to make that happen.

The SPT Story

Speech Pathology Tasmania began from love of the nurture of children and family life. Back in 1996 our founder, Rosie Martin, had two small people of her own and desire to work flexibly enough to serve their needs – as well as to serve the communication needs of other children. This flexibility, love, and nurture of family, became the values base of SPT. These, together with professionalism and excellence, underpin all SPT activity and interactions. Across the years SPT has been privileged to have many excellent speech pathologists and support staff in its teams. This has all led to a harmonious practice filled with experience, knowledge and gratitude for our clients and our working lives.